Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trudging back over pebbles and sand and a strange dust lands on your hands...

Here's a few photos from my trip with work to Cornwall. Thanks to the whole SU surf crew 2008, especially Paul.

St-Owned on the way there, I slept most of the journey due to not sleeping the night before...
I was obviously not the only one who blazed pre-journey

One of our several stops on the way, I think this was in Bristol, Stuart rolled down this epic hill
Meanwhile we showed Bristol how to chillax LSBU style
We stopped off at Taunton to buy cider, Taunton's renowed for it's cider orchards, Bulmers/Strongbow/Magners fall back

I don't think these chickens had any reason for being there apart from tourist shots like this one

We made to Cornwall in good time, so most of the crew headed down to the beach via the cliffs

Lawrence, Jennay and myself celebrated surviving climbing up the cliff

Julie slipped on the cliff, after Stuart assessed her 'gash' we knew Julie would survive

This looks really romantic, like a honeymoon photo, it wasn't though

The whole team headed down to the bar on site, the bingo was intense...

Team shot with 'Deano' the dinosaur, he was no Barney but he was ok

The BBQ was ridiculous I doubt anyone went hungry. Here's Lawrence getting carnivorous...

The 'Pot' tent got worked

Paul bought absolutely everything camping related, including: a frisbee, kite, wine, vodka and enough food to feed an African village

We drove to another beach to get coached in riding waves

These glasses were awesome, no. 1 find of the trip for sure

I didn't get any surf shots, due to my PBD* not being waterproof, Paul took some epic shots, which I'll be putting up shortly

BBQ #2 was equally satisfying...

Eugene, Lawrence and myself drank a bottle of vodka, resulting in this...
Eugene cracked some awesome jokes on the trip.

*PBD (Portable Blogging Device)