Saturday, January 19, 2008

Only an Attitude Remains...

I met up with these guys for 2 drinks. They literally forced me to party all night...

Kyle Parties more than Paris Hilton on a 6 day coke binge.

Lawrence is pretty much the most proffessional barman i know.

Arnold got these awesome biscuits for Claud from Paris

'That's how we roll!'

I went to chill at New Kent Road

Jodi got wasted when we played 'I've never...'
'I've never had sex in a church...'

Awesome drug rug steez.

Claud's uncle is bro's with 'George Butler'*

A gorgefest commenced...

I suck at drinking games...

Bruce bought me this (Buckfast) it didn't live up to expectations.

During the 'truth/dare' part of the evening Stacy gave this P.O.V a good look at her boobs

Bro's were over 'games' and just blazed...

Got back to the crib. Alex was baked...

*George Butler co-directed 'Pumping Iron' a documentary that launched Arnie's career as an actor

Friday, January 18, 2008

I was happy in haze of a drunken hour...

I woke up and took my 'vital online media exam'. Pressed the submit button and this happened...

Written warnings of this nature frequent our kitchen.

We jammed on 'Guitar God'

Contrary to popular belief, there is still a skateable part of 'Shell Centre'

Phil and Ollie were making an A7x tour ad

They had UK tour posters and everything.

Back at the crib Phil edited and submitted it to some 'Metal' industry heads

'J' is the most awesome security ever! He's super secure...

Probably the best beer setup ever

Bro's read 'titty-mags'

Phil did some more 'boss-man' duties

Represen'! The blog is going to be big in 0-8

We watched 'Cloud' again! Ollie's 3 tricks were imense

Next Day...
'Im rich bitch, I'm a real big timer'

We warmed up at Whitegrounds

We got like a 10 minute run on these blocks. Usually you get the boot before you put your board down...

Beer Time

We bro'd at a traditional bar between skating

That really strange pose that Phil loves. Apparently it's going to be big...

We stumbled across this dreamy skate spot

These banks were awesome there were like 3/4 all the way down the hill



Phil got this classic 'roll forever' photo and pissed of like 1000 pigeons

Phil had one of his spontaenous urges to buy unecessary electrical products...

'I can't believe they've got "Snoop Dogg's Buck Wild World Tour"

We people dodged/skated Tottenham Court Road Gap

Returned to the palace, watched 'Fully Flared' for like the 30th time

(Crusty) Caroline our housemate is a big 'Pimp My Ride' fan apparently...

We created the best 'Arms' Track to date

Next Day...
Phil returned from Camden with this awesome gift he got me

Continuing the legacy of photos of people pissing in our flat.

NLT Prem #2

It was no surprise to see Jack there... He never misses a premiere.

Bro's added a personal touch to the advertising...

Mo was in the building. He loved the video. Stoked!

Front row seats...

People started to leave throughout the showing. I was just stoked on having a pint of Guiness while watching the best video ever!

More people showed up...

Claud was stoked on the intro clips...

Jodi made fun of me and rejected the dizzy heights of blog fame.

Jack was stoked on the Moorgate/London Bridge/SB footage!

Bro's played pool. Jack cheated on 3 occassions and still lost every game...

Phil with his secret man-lover! Dude kept winking at Phil...

Stacy (from film) got mugged without realising her phone had been jacked...

O.G blog faces.

I was actually oblivious to Jacks devious plan...

Stuart (one of the 3 bar managers) jested at Jack all night.
'What you got for me?!'
'Here I got a phone'

That damn pose again!

We gambled... Not to win money. We were just stoked when then 'Bullseye' Themetune played!

Fifa 08

Peace out Boss-Man